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High-Paying Loan Officer Clients By
Gamification Software...
Using The Same Technology As
Two Billion-Dollar Mortgage Lenders!"
And Right Now You Can Access This Incredible Software for Less Than the Price of Dinner & Drinks For Two at a CHEAP Restaurant… Follow This System and Get Clients Fast!
Dear Marketing Agency Owner,

If you’re ready to work with clients that will happily pay you what you deserve, and you want the easiest way to land these clients even if you hate selling, then read the rest of this page. You'll be glad you did.
My name is Mark Helton. I’m an Ex-Mortgage Broker turned Software Developer.
I built my first software in 2011 and that software is still used TODAY (in 2018) by thousands of companies and organizations across North America.
From churches to car dealers... From food trucks to Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of employees...
But 8 years ago, I was completely broke.
My mortgage business vanished overnight. I had a ton of debt. And ZERO income.
Bad combination.
I lost my home and both of my cars. I almost ended up living on the street with my wife and 5 daughters.
As you can probably imagine, I was DESPERATE.
My desperation led me on a frantic search for a solution.
And in my search, I discovered a simple secret that had been holding me back for 13 years in business.
Once I took action on what I learned, I went from ZERO to 20K Per Month in 2 Months FLAT!
And here's my discovery...
People LIKE To Buy Things They're Already Buying, Especially If You Can Sell Them A Better Version Than What They Have...
Super Simple?
Absolutely. And True.
Once I started selling better versions of what people were already buying...
I built a stable, full-time, six-figure income.
I couldn’t believe the difference such a simple tweak made.
Now I’m going to help you make the same simple tweak. The best part is, you don’t have to do the hard work that I did of discovering what to sell and who to sell it to.
You’ll learn right here on this page how to capitalize on one of the hottest 'trends' of 2018...
This is NOT a 'here today, gone tomorrow' trend, it's a better version of something businesses have always bought and will always buy.
So what is this STABLE, yet EXPLODING trend?
Do businesses already buy leads, or software that helps them generate leads?

Of course!
Can you help them generate better leads, in a better way, with better software?
Yes. If you take action on what I'm sharing with you right here right now.
"But Mark, what Are Gamified Lead Generation pages?
Who Should I Sell Them To? And How Do I Know They Even WORK!?"
Here’s where I make this EASY for you.
For the last 7 years, my team and I have been selling software and services to thousands of businesses. Right now we work with 4 main niches.
We know the niches that happily buy software and services to generate leads.
And now I’m Handing You one of our best niches and a way for you to Give Them a better version of what they're already buying.
On a Silver Platter.
Gamified Lead Generation Pages are simply lead generation pages that dramatically increase conversions of high-quality leads. Because they are easy to fill out.
Niches who want very detailed lead data LOVE THE PAGES because they get better leads...
And here's one of those niches...
Billions In Mortgages START With Gamified Lead Pages:
America's Largest Mortgage Lender uses gamified lead pages...
America's Largest VA Purchase Lender uses gamified lead pages...
The Nation's Leading Online Marketplace for loans uses gamified lead pages...
Yes, even the wholesale shopping powerhouse COSTCO is using gamified lead pages... For Mortgages!
All the pages you see above are what you land on after clicking on PAID ADS from these companies. Why would they all be paying to generate traffic to the same type of gamified lead page technology?
Because Gamified Lead Pages Easily Deliver More, Higher-Quality, Leads Daily Than Any Other Pages They've Used!
Now Here's How You Profit From Gamified Lead Pages in 3 Easy Steps:
Gather a list of your perfect target customer. In this case, we are reaching active loan officers. Keyword... “Active” and “Doing Business”.
Make initial contact with my “No Rejection” cold email process. My cold email strategies constantly put money in the bank by introducing you to new prospects without having to pick up the phone.
Deliver our Automated Sales Sequence to interested prospects. You should never waste your time talking to Loan Officers who don’t want what you have. Once they’re interested…then send them this automatic sales sequence and watch the dollars start rolling in!
Gamified Leads: Loan Officer Edition: along with the Form Blaze Software, this Done-For-You client getting system builds recurring monthly income for your business while you help hungry Loan Officers with a better way to generate better leads.
Great, a complete system to get new customers! What could be better? OK Mark, I’m sold, how do I sign up?
Wait, What Do I Get?
I’m glad you asked. Here’s what’s included:
YES! It’s a complete Business In a BOX!
Form Blaze: Software allows you to build FIVE (5) Conversion-Maximizing Gamified Lead Pages for your Loan Officer clients!
You can build these pages in minutes with this powerful software. Then turn around and sell to loan officers for top dollar every month!
Within minutes you can build either a simple form or a detailed mini loan application with zero web or design skills period!
Watch Us Build a Page in 4 Minutes...
Our design team provides you with beautiful, easy to edit templates, designed to maximize engagement and conversions :
Gamified Lead FormBLAZE Theme
Gamified Lead FormBLAZE Theme
Gamified Lead FormBLAZE Theme
Gamified Lead FormBLAZE Theme
Gamified Lead FormBLAZE Theme
Gamified Lead FormBLAZE Theme
The built-in gamification technology will entice people to take action unto completion with a 1-click design that is virtually impossible to resist.
‘No Rejection
Prospecting System!’
The easiest foot-in-the-door method that will get you more prospects. My cold email and referral generation strategies constantly put money in the bank and now you’ll have access to the exact emails that I personally wrote to get you more prospects without having to pick up the phone.
Automated Sales Sequence:
Nobody likes begging people to buy their services and you should never waste your time talking to Loan Officers who don’t want what you have. This 5 part sales funnel will do all the dirty work for you and sell your deals on autopilot! Now you can focus on doing what you do best, keeping your clients happy!
The 5 Minute
Mortgage Lead Guide:
Loan officers are already paying big money for leads. With the help of this simple to follow guide you’ll position yourself as the authority in lead generation for loan officers by teaching them how to generate their own leads using the top social targeting methods on the planet!
And you’ll get all of this for an investment so small that when I shared what I was giving you - two of my employees said...
WHAT??? Mark! Why are you giving this away so cheap!?”
Look - I invested almost $10,000 in developer fees alone to build this software and thousands more since then. And I pay monthly developer fees for updates and maintenance.
So why would I give it to you for such a low price?
One Reason...
This system works and I want you benefit from getting it into the hands of as many loan officers as possible.
Bottom Line: There are over 100,000 loan officers in the United States. The Dept of Labor predicts that number will grow by 11% until 2026. They need your help!
I can’t reach them all. So I want to you to have it!
But Only If You Buy Gamified Leads & Form Blaze NOW:
Don’t be fooled by the small price tag. Remember it’s only this price because I want you to get a lot of Loan Officers using Form Blaze.
Don’t be fooled by the small price tag.
Remember it’s only this price because I want you
to get a lot of Loan Officers using Form Blaze.
See What People Just Like YOU Are Saying About Our Company:
In less than 3 hours, Mark sent me over 70 phone calls...
“I was introduced to Mark through another Mortgage Professional. She told me she had a guy that could get my phone to ring more than it’s ever rung before. I was real real skeptical because I’ve heard this a million times. But I reluctantly let him run a test because of who I met him through.
So it was a Wednesday night, and I remember it vividly. In less than 3 hours, Mark sent me over 70 phone calls. That got my attention. I bought his software and now have 4 full time employees who qualify and transfer mortgage leads to me generated through this amazing system. I would recommend it to anybody looking to increase their business.”
- Dan Krynzel, Mortgage Lender
I doubt you’d ever find a more effective toolset to generate revenue and blow your clients away...
“Mark’s platform has been a powerful part of our business plan. I’ve been developing software and marketing platforms for 30 years and I haven’t seen a more integrated, powerful tool than this. Our success with the platform has been nothing short of amazing. Our clients have been literally astonished with the results and the consistency of those results. If you’re a marketing agency, I doubt you’d ever find a more effective toolset to generate revenue and blow your clients away.”
- Kevin Connor, Digital Ad Agency Owner
The support has been tremendous… a very good experience with an excellent product...
Mark’s software and company have been a fantastic partner. I can say with confidence the support has been tremendous, from the actual tech support on the product to high level support on the biz dev side helping us to make best use of the tool. It’s helped our agency provide a more complete and robust solution to our clients. We also use it for our own internal lead generation. And we’re selling it to our clients to help them build their own business. It’s been a very good experience with an excellent product. I recommend it to any agency or marketer looking to leverage this type of functionality for themselves or their clients.
- Greg Shanken, Online Marketing Expert
If for any reason in the next 30 Days you decide Gamified Leads is not for you..
Just send an email to support and we’ll send you your money back….
Get Yours Before This Special Deal Ends!
I’ve done all the work for you. It’s all in there. Everything’s answered to get you more customers than you’ve ever thought possible and it’s only $47. I’ve spent countless hours testing and putting all of this together in order to deliver to you the most complete system ever.
I believe wholeheartedly that this method will finally having you cashing in and reaping the benefits of all the hard labor you’ve put in.
You owe it to yourself to not let this one pass you by because opportunity sometimes will only knock once…
Get yours today!
This is the easiest method you will ever learn and the best part is you can start using it within minutes of getting it.
You don't need to be some techie to make this work for you, but you do need to take action!
That starts now! You deserve to be successful. Don't sit by watching other people take action putting this amazing system to work for them! Click the buy button now and start profiting today!
P.S. This is the easiest foot-in-the-door method you can use to land high-paying loan officer clients WITHOUT having to sell them anything!
P.P.S. – This method is so powerful you could have your first client tomorrow!
Frequently Asked Questions
So what do I get with Gamified Leads: Loan Officer Edition?
1) FIVE Form Blaze Licenses; allows you to build 5 gamified lead pages. You can use all 5 pages for one client, 1 page each for 5 clients, or anything in between.
2) Mark's No-Rejection Prospecting System; done-for-you emails to land loan officers as free trial clients.
3) Automated Sales Sequence; done-for-you emails/messages to sell your free trial loan officers on paying for your gamified lead pages.
4) The 5 Minute Mortgage Lead Guide; done-for-you brandable document and video to teach loan officers about Facebook lead gen and position yourself as a lead gen authority
BOTTOM LINE: You get everything you need to START helping loan officers generate Exclusive, High-Quality, Mortgage Leads
Do I need business/internet/mortgage experience?
No experience is required. You get FULL training included in the price!
How much does it cost?
Right now it is HUGELY discounted at just $47 (that’s not a typo!) But as you can imagine I can’t keep it THAT low for long and you won’t find it this cheap AGAIN!
Is there a guarantee?
Of course, I want this to be risk-free for everybody. That’s why there’s a 30 unconditional money-back guarantee even at its current crazy low price!
Does this work outside the U.S.?
It works everywhere there is internet. If you are on this page you should be able to access the software and training.
Are there any OTOs?
You don't need anything else to provide gamified lead pages to loan officers. There are other offers available after your purchase.
Does this work for other niches?
The Form Blaze software has generic templates that can be used for any niche. The Gamified Leads training is focused on loan officers.
Where can I start?
Right here:
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